„Using the momentum in the center of a new economic logic. Creating significant changes and establishing a new environment.“

ZEMTUM Holding dedicates itself to Blockchain-Technology and Krypto Currency in the B2B-market and therefore, with a change of paradigm in global economy. Originated in Europe, we are building a new digital era with our actions.

We emphasize on an active application of the momentum to experience the vision in real business life, and not get stuck in theory.

ZEMTUM is developing the infrastructure for the implementation process of blockchain solutions. Therefore, ZEMTUM acts primarily as B2B-consultant and conceptionist of business ideas in the field of ICOs and the respective reasonability including prospects of success.


The management board of the ZEMTUM Holding, has a high degree of management experience for decades, which is applied in the field of blockchain technology for customers.

Besides seamless project management, ZENTUM focuses on investororiented strategy development, start-up development, integrations and digital trade models as well as consulting activities.

markus stampfer

christian mattasits

alexander lena


ZEMTUM is operating with its projects in a global market, in which quality and quantity are playing a vital role. Through a worldwide network of partners, ZEMTUM is able to guarantee their customers a smooth process of structure, the assurance of hardware and complete solutions regarding software development.

The ZEMTUM Holding describes itself as “roof” of specialized unit-corporations, which form together with B2B-partners targeted business fields and guarantee know-how development in the respective field.